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  • from 1,000 rubles
  • from 12.50% per annum
  • покупка коммерческих облигаций с возможностью досрочного погашения (оферты)

Invest in a reliable issuer!

On July 7, 2020, the Expert RA rating agency assigned the factoring company GLOBAL FACTORING NETWORK RUS a credit rating at ruB with a stable outlook .

At the moment, GLOBAL FACTORING NETWORK RUS LLC is the first independent federal factoring company in Russia, which in modern conditions has received a valid official credit rating.

As positive factors, the rating agency noted an acceptable liquid position, industry diversification of clients and debtors, a satisfactory quality of the factoring portfolio, and an adequate level of corporate governance. The financial position of the company is assessed by the agency as stable.

Invest in a convenient digital OTC system of the MICEX

The Moscow Exchange has significantly improved its services for investors and brokers with commercial bonds. Previously, market participants had to independently fill out DVP clearing orders at the National Settlement Depository (NSD) - now the data for the order is sent to NSD automatically after the conclusion of a digital agreement in the OTS system of the Moscow Exchange debt market (MOEX board), which significantly reduces operational risks , improve settlement discipline and speed up the exchange of information between market participants. The new digital scheme of work radically simplifies the settlement of securities and leads to a qualitative increase in market liquidity and the availability of commercial bonds for investment purposes.

Работу с коммерческими облигациями ООО «ГЛОБАЛ ФАКТОРИНГ НЕТВОРК РУС» в ОТС-системе долгового рынка Московской Биржи обеспечивает наш стратегический Партнёр, одна из ведущих и надежных инвестиционных компаний на рынке – Инвестиционная Компания «РИКОМ-ТРАСТ». Оставить заявку на покупку облигаций и получить весь спектр необходимых брокерских услуг можно пройдя по активной ссылке

Why commercial bonds are more profitable than deposits

Comparison options Bonds Deposits
YIELD from 12.50% per annum средняя ставка 4,95% годовых
Налог на доходы физических лиц
НДФЛ - 13%
Удерживается Депозитарием, избавляя Клиента от дополнительных трудозатрат.
При использовании ИИС типа Б весь купонный доход от облигаций может быть освобожден от НДФЛ
НДФЛ - 13%
Уплачивается Клиентом самостоятельно.
Начисляется ежегодно на сумму дохода по вкладу, превышающую 42,5 тыс. руб.
Investment Terms от 6 мес. от 1 мес.
Transaction Procedure Открытие счета депо в Депозитарии для хранения облигаций и заключение договора купли-продажи. Возможен электронный документооборот. Conclusion of an agreement on opening a deposit

* In this account, the rights to securities owned by the depositor are taken into account.

Alexey Primachenko

Managing Partner
Global Factoring Network

Our company is a team of professionals working in the field of factoring services since 2004.

During our work, considerable experience has been accumulated that allows us to successfully implement all promising areas for the development of the Company.

One of these areas is the possibility of issuing commercial and exchange-traded bonds on favorable terms, allowing to receive high income for investors, including among a wide range of people, as a profitable alternative to classic bank deposits

Parameters of the new commercial bond issue

Объем выпуска облигаций
серии КО-П06, руб.
175 000 000
Par value of one bond, rubles 1 000
Number of issue bonds 175 000 pieces
Срок погашения облигаций 5 years (optionally an offer - annual prepayment option)
Coupon period 91 days
The number of coupon periods 20
Coupon rate 13,00% per annum
The sale price of bonds, rubles for 1 piece 1 000 + accumulated coupon income

Объем выпуска облигаций
серии КО-П002-02, руб.
100 000 000
Par value of one bond, rubles 1 000
Number of issue bonds 100 000 pieces
Срок погашения облигаций 5 years (optionally an offer - annual prepayment option)
Coupon period 30 days
The number of coupon periods 60
Coupon rate 12,50% per annum
The sale price of bonds, rubles for 1 piece 1 000 + accumulated coupon income


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Global Factoring Network Customers

The issuer's regular customers are more than 50 reliable companies.

Basically, the Global Factoring Network Company cooperates on an ongoing basis with large industrial enterprises, network retailers, and transport companies, which have established themselves as stable and dynamically developing companies of a federal scale.

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